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Get Success

Don't Read Only Success Stories,
You will Get Only Motivation...
Read Failure Stories,
You will Get Some Ideas to Get Success..

Lift Chahiye Kya

Ek ladki sadak par akeli jaa rahi thi, pichhe se ek ladka bola : Ghar tak lift chahiye kya?
Ladki : Bhag jaa harami 3 din se lift le rahi hoon abhi tak ghar nahi pahuchi.

Teacher Shocked

The teacher asked Jimmy, "Why is your cat at school today Jimmy?" Jimmy replied crying, "Because I heard my daddy tell my mommy, 'I am going to eat that p*ssy once Jimmy leaves for school today!'"

Solid Insult

A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."

Sex is like a gas station

Sex is like a gas station.
Sometimes you get full service;
Sometimes you gotta ask for service;
And sometimes you have to be happy with "self service"!


No matter how many job POSITIONS taken over by women, and their claiming equality; But there are certain OPENINGS that only men can fill!


Police and women

What do women and police cars have in common?
They both make a lot of noise to let you know they are coming!